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  • Are stained glass panels weatherproof?
    Yes. When the panel is made, it is cemented with a lead based putty to seal each piece of glass, making the whole panel weatherproof and very strong.
  • Do we have to come to your workshop?
    No. We make free home visits to most parts of Scotland to discuss your needs and to let you see the different types of glass available. Alternatively, all this can be done via the internet, telephone or by post and we can easily send panels abroad.
  • Do I have to pick a design from your portfolio, or can I have a totally individual design?"
    You can do either; we have a large selection of designs that we can show you and we also offer a design service. If you have you own design we can adapt it to be made also.
  • Do stained glass panels need specialist knowledge to install?
    If it is a large window then yes it does. Large windows are made in sections and installed with bars to reinforce them. but for a smaller pane they are installed in much the same way as a pane of glass with no need for special putty.
  • Do you make panels incorporating painted designs?
    Yes. We do have a glass painting specialist.. It is important to know that we fire our painted pieces in a kiln making them permanent and weatherproof and not to confuse stained glass paints with hobbyist glass paints.
  • Do you restore stained glass panels?
    Yes we can restore even badly damaged windows to their former glory. We can, in almost every case, match the original glasses used or, if not, use other methods to restore the panel so it looks exactly the same as when it was first made.
  • Do you add VAT to the costs?
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